Yvonne Craig

It Happened At The World's Fair, 1963

Kissin' Cousins, 1964

Born: May 16, 1937, in Taylorville, Illinois
Husband(s): Jimmy Boyd (? - ?); Ken Aldrich (1989 - present)
Died: August 17, 2015, Pacific Palisades, California

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Yvonne is one of my favorites of Elvis' co-stars. Maybe it's because the first "Elvis book" I read was the biography by Jerry Hopkins (one of the first & best!) where Yvonne is quoted quite extensively about the time she spent filming with Elvis. She talked about Elvis' strange moods around that time, and figured it was because he was paranoid about wearing the blonde wig for the part of Jody in "Kissin' Cousins". Looking back now, it could have been a lot of things. "Kissin' Cousins" was filmed under a much tighter schedule than Elvis was used to, in under two-and-a-half weeks. Playing a dual role might've brought to mind thoughts of twin-brother Jesse Garon --oooh, let's get Freudian!--. Then, there's "the Ann-Margret thing", since that would've been around the same time, but that's just Greggers' a-speculatin'.

Yvonne is probably most famous as "Batgirl" in the Batman series, but she has had a varied assortment of roles, both in films and on TV. The links below are mainly Batgirl stuff or Star Trek stuff (she was that "green chick" you've heard so much about). Sorry Trekkies, but I'll always think of her as Azalea Tatum ("It ain't their fault, cap'm...it's them dang Kittyhawks!"). Also, see my Pam Austin page for more photos!

Sadly, Yvonne lost her battle with breast cancer on 8/17/15.

Yvonne & Elvis in Kissin' Cousins

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