Annette Day

Annette Day

Double Trouble, 1967

Born: November 4, 1947, England.

Annette Day is a tough one to write about. Her entire film career consists of her single appearance with Elvis in Double Trouble. That's it. One film. She played Jill Conway, the rich heiress that follows Elvis around Europe (not the real Europe, of course, the cardboard Europe, the one in Hollywood.) It's otherwise a pretty typical Elvis film, complete with lines like, "I think I just sat on the tea service." Elvis just about pulls off a sort-of-classic performance of "Long-Legged Girl With The Short Dress On", but then he turns around and does something like "Old MacDonald Had A Farm".

At which point, Annette called it a Day... (groan)

I got an email from a fan (thanks Richard!) who assures me that Annette is alive and well and living in Telford, West Midlands, England. Annette made an appearance there at the Elvis Dance Party on August 5th, 2000. Since then, Annette has appeared at a few Elvis gatherings, and granted interviews. See the one below!

Another fan (thanks Craig!) sent me this link to the video of Annette's interview at a fan appearance, maybe the Elvis Dance Party in 2000, not sure. Anyway, she talks about her experience with Elvis, and why she quit while she was ahead! Enjoy!

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