Ann-Margret - Elvis was only human and he made many mistakes. For instance, he chose Priscilla instead.
Julie Adams - she was creature-bait before being boss to a king
Ursula Andress - the first Bond girl, and Elvis' salty Marguerita
Pam Austin - Sgt. Bailey's assignment in Kissin' Cousins!
Ina Balin - she had to kiss a bearded Elvis!
Joan Blackman - She didn't know how well-oiled Elvis kept his machinery.
Michele Carey - The girl with the nameless name?
Yvonne Craig - Elvis once chased her around a couch... singing, of course.
Annette Day - Double Trouble was her single appearance.
Donna Douglas - Ellie Mae to millions, but Frankie to us Elvis fans.
Barbara Eden - Flaming Star was great, but, c'mon, she was wearin' britches!
Shelley Fabares - Elvis said she was his favorite (leading lady, that is).
Joan Freeman - she tamed a biker-Elvis in Roustabout!
Teri Garr - this star of Close Encounters and Tootsie is actually a veteran go-go dancer!!
Gail Gerber - dumped Jimmy Hawkins in Girl Happy, and taught Elvis a dance move in Harum Scarum!!
Laurel Goodwin - she was one of the Girls in Girls, Girls, Girls.
Dolores Hart - after two Elvis movies, she got religion...
Anne Helm - Elvis used his education again' her, but it didn't work.
Mariana Hill - She and Elvis scratched each other's backs
Jennifer Holden - "Flippy!... Real flippy!"
Nicole Jaffe - Hotel-owner's daughter and stand-by pianist, before becoming The Voice of Velma!
Carolyn Jones - Morticia Addams, yes, but before that, she had to be Maxie Fields' goyle.
Jocelyn Lane - strictly business---- yeah, right.
Sue Ane Langdon - She told Frankie that Johnny was doin' her wrong!
Hope Lange - Mizz Sperry-erry-erry-OH!
Suzanna Leigh - Pretended to be married to ward off Elvis in Paradise!
Dodie Marshall - determined to stay single in Spinout and a mighty fine hippie-chick in Easy Come Easy Go!
Marlyn Mason - as the best-lookin' union-boss ever, in The Trouble With Girls, she gave Elvis a lot o' appus-crappus!
Jenny Maxwell - she was steppin' outta line in Blue Hawaii, but nothin' a little Elvis-whoopin' wouldn't fix!
Barbara McNair - she acheived peace in Change Of Habit!
Mary Ann Mobley - not only was she Miss Mississippi, but she was Princess Shalimar...(!)
Mary Tyler Moore - she was so happy to finish Change Of Habit, she threw her hat in the air....
Chris Noel - A sidekick in Girl Happy, but a star in Vietnam.
Sheree North - She took Marilyn's part, before being slapped by Elvis.
Joan O'Brien - She nursed Elvis' "One Broken Heart".
Debra Paget - Elvis' first leading lady
Gloria Pall - She shook a leg in Jailhouse Rock!
Julie Parrish - Joan Diamond of 90210, but she and Elvis once babysat some dogs in a helicopter!
Cynthia Pepper - in Kissin' Cousins, she taught the blonde Elvis how t'wrestle!
Pat Priest - in Easy Come, Easy Go, she was a real Munster!
Juliet Prowse - Elvis' mission in G.I. Blues!
Lizabeth Scott - If you only know her from Loving You, you don't know her...
Nancy Sinatra - these boots were made for collecting taxes from race car drivers??
Barbara Stanwyck - She ran the Big Valley, but not before teaching Elvis to be a carny!
Stella Stevens - the "other Girl" in Girls! Girls! Girls!.
Judy Tyler - the other half of Laurel Records!
Deborah Walley - no stranger to bikinis, but in Spinout she followed a different drummer.
Nancy Walters - teacher in need of Elvis, as a tour guide, that is.
Raquel Welch - the superstar who got her start in a tea-house in Roustabout
Tuesday Weld - one of the finest actresses ever to have a name comprised of a day of the week and an industrial verb. (...ouch!!)
Celeste Yarnall - A Little Less Conversation, a little more Celeste, please...
Francine York - She got an archery lesson from Elvis before moving on to criminal activity in Batman.

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