Laurel Goodwin

Girls! Girls! Girls!, 1962

Born: August 11, 1942, in Wichita, Kansas.

Laurel and Elvis in Girls! Girls! Girls!

Laurel made her film debut in Girls! Girls! Girls! as Laurel Dodge, a girl who hides the fact that she's rich in order to be accepted for who she "really" is. (Elvis' character in Clambake does the same thing. Elvis movies often repeat themselves, don't they!) Along the way, she feeds lines to Jeremy Slate ("You're Mr. Johnson, aren't you?" "Well, if I'm not, I'm stealing his liquor.") and finds time to tango with Elvis to the tune of "The Walls Have Ears".

Laurel and Elvis in Girls! Girls! Girls!

Laurel also appeared with Jackie Gleason in Papa's Delicate Condition in 1963, as the older daughter, Augusta. Like so many others on these pages, Laurel is known to Elvis fans and Star Trek fans alike. She appeared in the original pilot episode, "The Cage", in 1965 (and in "The Menagerie", the recycled episode that used footage from "The Cage").

Today, you can catch Laurel once in a while at autograph signings, and she's made appearances with other co-stars at some Elvis events!

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Laurel and Elvis with Jackie Gleason
Laurel and Elvis get a visit from Jackie Gleason on the set of "Girls! Girls! Girls!"
Elvis and Laurel in

Is Elvis choking Laurel here? What kind of karate hold is this anyway?

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