Marianna Hill

Roustabout, 1964

Paradise, Hawaiian Style, 1966

Born: February 9, 1941, Texas.
Real Name: Mariana Schwarzkopf

Marianna's first brush with Elvis came in 1964 with a bit part in Roustabout. In the credits, she's listed as "Viola", and I'm thinkin' she's gotta be the brunette in the "outside shower" scene, (I don't know for sure, but it looks like her). In Paradise, Hawaiian Style, she plays Lani, the girl who throws the helicopter keys away, so she can spend more time with Elvis (Is this an Elvis-movie or what!). She also had the dubious honor of performing a duet with Elvis on "Scratch My Back (and I'll Scratch Yours)".

Marianna's acting talent was better than this kind of material, however (and so was Elvis' for that matter), and she went on to coach acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg studio in London until it closed in 1996. Elvis, on the other hand, went on to make Spinout.

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