Jennifer Holden

Jailhouse Rock, 1957

Born: October 24, 1936 in Chicago, IL

Jailhouse Rock afficionados will know Jennifer as the starlet, Sherry, that Vince (Elvis) hangs out with when he gets his first taste of the movie star life. Not much info out there about Jennifer. When I first added this page for her, I heard from Jennifer about a book that she was writing, but never heard any more details. Jennifer had an official page at one time, but looks like it's no longer out there, and although there is a Yahoo group for her (see link below), it hasn't had any activity for a long time. According to the LA Times article from 1987, she was at that time living with her youngest children in Topanga Canyon, but that's been a few years ago! Here's hoping she's doing well!

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with William Forrest

with Judy Tyler,
on the set of Jailhouse Rock
(anybody know who the other two
men are, on the left??)

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