Elvis' Women: In the Movies, that is!

Elvis and the harem girls of Roustabout
So, Greggers, WHY Elvis' Women???

I'm a movie buff and I've watched a lot of good movies in my time, but I'm also an Elvis fan, so I've watched a lot of bad movies, too! Obviously, if you've cringed through the likes of Clambake or Paradise, Hawaiian Style more than half-a-dozen times... you're either

And, hey, who can blame you? After all, the women may like these films because of Elvis (ask my wife!), but we guys watch Viva Las Vegas to see Ann-Margret (ask these guys!) One of the nice side-effects of this bad habit of mine is, among other things, that I actually know who Jocelyn Lane is, and, let's face it, that can't be a bad thing!

I've tried to keep it simple here. Elvis and starlets on the set of Roustabout

  • The main menu of actresses should take you to individual pages for each actress with a bit of biographical info, links, and photos.
  • List of Movies and Actresses: Also, I have a section that lists ALL actresses in Elvis' movies (including ones I haven't made a page for yet), sorted chronologically.

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Oh, by the way, any of you celebrity-autograph seekers, here's a tip: It's ALWAYS cheaper to get them straight from the actress herself than from a celebrity-autograph website, and besides, if you get them second-hand, they're not signed personally to YOU! Who wants that when you can get the real thing! There are quite a few of the actresses on this site that have their own websites and/or their own photo catalogs, so check 'em out!

-thankyou, thankyouverramuch...

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