Nicole Jaffe

The Trouble With Girls, 1969

Nicole's film debut was a small part in Disney's The Love Bug (1968), as the girl in the dune-buggy. She got a bigger part in her second film, The Trouble With Girls.

One of the cool things about The Trouble With Girls is that there are so many interesting characters! Elvis is the star, of course, but most of the supporting roles get almost as much screen time! Nicole Jaffe plays Betty, the goofy, flirtatious daughter of the local hotel owner. She plays it to the hilt, and has a few key scenes in the film. There's the hotel scene, with her crazy method for remembering people's names, and she signs on as piano player "for the munificent salary of nothing!", which sends union-boss Marlyn Mason into a tizzy!

The same year, 1969, after a small part in Marlowe with James Garner, Nicole made her debut in the cartoon world as the voice of Velma on the Scooby Doo series. The TV series proved to be wildly popular, and is still going strong today, at least in re-released videos, and has now been turned into two successful films! Nicole left the Scooby Doo series in 1974 to become an agent, representing actors. She got married, and she currently works for the William Morris Agency.

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