Jocelyn Lane

Tickle Me, 1965

Real Name: Jackie Lane
Born: May 16, 1937, Vienna Austria.
Husband: Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe of Marbella, Spain (now divorced)

The younger sister of Mara Lane, a well-known model in 1950's England, Jackie began modeling in her teens, and by the time she was 18, had already appeared in (and on the cover of) several British magazines. It was not long afterward that she moved to Hollywood, and changed her name to Jocelyn, to avoid confusion with another Jackie Lane (British actress who later starred in the popular series "Dr. Who"). The change didn't immediately catch on, though, since early publicity for Tickle Me refers to her as Jackie.
Tickle Me was a film that literally saved the company from bankruptcy (or at least postponed it for a year). Somebody at Allied Artists must have been thinking, "Now what kind of film can we make real cheaply, but have a guaranteed audience?" They took one look at Kissin' Cousins, and went, "Ch-ching!!", and lo, Tickle Me was born. Check out the photos below, and decide for yourself if the scenes with Jocelyn were money well spent!
Besides her appearance with Elvis, Jocelyn only made a handful of films and TV appearances. In Paul Lichter's book, "Elvis In Hollywood", he notes her resemblance to Brigitte Bardot, and dubs her "the prettiest co-star Elvis ever had." There's no argument that she was quite a beauty! Enough so that Playboy featured her in their September 1966 issue. Other appearances in the '60's included a notable guest role on "The Wild Wild West", as Dominique in the episode "Night Of The Watery Death". She also turned up on "Hawaii Five-O", "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.", and "It Takes A Thief".
I had read in an old Elvis magazine that she married into royalty, and I got an email confirmation of that from a fan in South America who says, "Yes, I can definitively assure you that Jocelyn Lane married into royalty, Spanish royalty, to be precise. The person she married is a cousin of the King of Spain!!" He also went on to say that Jocelyn has appeared quite often in Hola magazine! (Anybody got a copy they want to sell?!?) I heard from another fan that she is now divorced from that marriage and living on the Riviera somewhere.

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Read Peter Campbell's account of meeting Jocelyn when she was just starting out in the U.K. I decorated his story with a few movie posters!

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