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Brian's Drive-In Theatre

There are about as many websites devoted to B-movies out there as there are B-movies!! While most of the sites are just an excuse for a hack-writer to pull the wings off flies, Brian's site is one of the few actually DEVOTED to B-movies! The section on "1960's Beach Party Movies" alone is worth the visit! This is a man who spent some quality time on Saturday afternoons researching his subject that you and I might enjoy the fruits of his labor! Do not let his work be for naught!! (I've always wanted to use "for naught" in a sentence)

The shillpages deserve time-capsule status if only for the excellent tribute to Fay Wray, not to mention the Classic Monster Collection! However, for our purposes, the Actress Photo Selections page is the main point of focus. Here some of the most obscure actresses of the early film era are prominently displayed alongside more commonly known actresses! Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, and Rita Hayworth can certainly be found here, but the first name on the list is Acquanetta!?!! You won't leave this site knowing any more, in words, about Acquanetta than when you entered, but who cares?? Steve has the wisdom to sense that you're not here to READ about Acquanetta, and that words alone cannot purvey.... oh, hell, why am I still typing? Where's that Maureen O'Sullivan page?

ShillPages Actresses Index

King and His Court

At first glance, you might think this is a ripoff of my site! But it certainly ain't! In fact, webmaster Laura has done me one better, not only does she feature Elvis' female co-stars, but she has pages on some o' da guys, too, like Bill Bixby, Gary Lockwood, and Dean Jones. That's right, unlike Greggers, Laura isn't just appealing to your taste in cheesecake, she aims a might higher, and plans to add some background on as many of the costars and character actors from Elvis flicks as she possibly can. And she's off to a great start! Betcha didn't know Arthur O'Connell had a bit part in Citizen Kane!

Sixties Cinema

Author and fellow Sixties afficianado Tom Lisanti just keeps cranking out books on the Women of the Sixties: His first, Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema, featured photos and interviews with such luminaries as Pamela Tiffin, Lana Wood, and of course, more than a few of Elvis' women! Some of the Elvis chicks included here are Irene Tsu, Joan O'Brien, Celeste Yarnall, and Julie Parrish! His second offering is a book about the women of spy films, Film Fatales. That just wasn't enough, though, so he put out a third, Drive-In Dream Girls, featuring a fetching Sue Ane Langdon on the cover. His fourth, a book on the first wave of beach movies, is now out! This is a man on a noble mission!

If you're of the belief, as some of us are, that there just aren't enough photos on the web of Martha Hyer, Allison Hayes, Anne Helm, and even actresses from the '40's, '50's, and '60's whose names don't begin with H, this is the place for you! The webmaster here has taken the approach of just listing the events, monumental and trivial, of each actress's life and career, in chronological order, and decorated the pages with some great photos! Now isn't that what a great website is supposed to be all about?

Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen

Elvis In Hawaii

Elvis and Hawaii go together like peanut butter and bananas, and this website celebrates that mutually beneficial relationship down to the finest detail! Of course you're familiar with Elvis' hawaiian films, which are all represented here with loads of photos, and the Aloha show in '73, but there's also some info on his early concerts in Hawaii, including the '61 Benefit Show, and a Hawaiian Elvis Travel Guide, so you can check out the movie set locations! So, where exactly is Paradise Cove anyway??

If you're a Debra Paget fan, or if you've followed the links from our Debra Paget, Ann-Margret, or Yvonne Craig pages, then you already know that Luis Aquino has a vast collection of photos of these lovely ladies! What you may not know is that he has about 20 more pages devoted to other lovelies on his Links page! He's got not only the aforementioned Elvis-women, but also Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Marilyn, and some lesser knowns like Sue Lyon, Lisa Gaye and Mitzi Gaynor! All of his pages are worth exploring, they're not just housing some great photos, but for many of the ladies, he has video clips, some links, and in some cases, other goodies like audio files! Oh sure, you can find this links page from a link on his main Debra Paget page, but you could easily miss it. I'm here to make sure you don't!!

Luis' Links

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