Dodie Marshall

Spinout, 1966

Easy Come, Easy Go, 1967

Real Name: Dodie Smyth
Born: Dec 22, 1934 in Belgrave, England.

Dodie's acting resume consists of two Elvis movies and a handful of TV appearances in the '60s. That's a shame, too, since she's pretty appealing and from what little evidence we have, looks like she had a nice career in front of her. Although born in England, Dodie was raised in Philadelphia. After taking singing and drama lessons in New York, Dodie made the move to Hollywood in 1964.

TV audiences got their first look at Dodie in My Favorite Martian as a girlfriend of Bill Bixby's character. Her first film role was a small but memorable part in Elvis' Spinout. As Susan, she just wants to stay single: Elvis' kind o' gal! Dodie practiced drumming to appear more convincing in the final scene, and she is!

In her next and final film, she's promoted to leading lady. As Jo Symington, Dodie gets to play the artist-yoga-hippie-chick that Elvis is both attracted to, and confused by. Elvis' character in Easy Come, Easy Go is supposed to be a little older than the kids and he just doesn't get these hippies, and the attempted humor in the flick is squarely aimed at how goofy "these kids are these days". We look at the movie now, and Elvis comes across almost as goofy himself, and out of touch with the times. It's all pretty harmless fun, though, and Dodie's the kind of hippie chick that even a square old rock-n-roll idol can dig!

After her two outings with the king, Dodie made a few more TV appearances, and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth, or, off the face of Hollywood anyway. From some of her interview comments around that time, it sounded like she was very interested in furthering her career in acting, but I haven't heard anything about her whereabouts. Anybody else got a lead? Let me know!

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