Julie Parrish

Paradise, Hawaiian Style, 1966

Real Name: Ruby Joyce Wilbar
Born: October 21, 1940 in Middlesboro, KY

Julie's professional acting career began a a result of winning a national contest for "Young Model of The Year" at a modeling school chain. First prize was an appearance in Jerry Lewis' It's Only Money (1962), billed as "Joyce Wilbar". She changed her name to Julie Parrish before making her second film, The Nutty Professor, again with Jerry Lewis, in 1963. She made many guest appearances on TV series, including "Dobie Gillis", before taking a copter ride with Elvis in Paradise, Hawaiian Style. Julie played Joanna, the girl who works at the Kahala Hilton. She also had the distinction of being in the scene where Elvis sings "A Dog's Life" (photo above right). Definitely gets my vote as "silliest movie song". (From listening to some of the out-takes, I think Elvis agreed; he can hardly make it through without laughing.) Julie went on to appear as Miss Piper in the episode of Star Trek, "The Menagerie", which used footage from the original un-aired pilot episode, "The Cage". More recently, Julie played Maggie Brady in the TV series, Capitol (photo at right).

Julie also had the recurring role of Joan Diamond on the TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. In the '90s, Julie was a full-time counselor at Haven Hills shelter for battered women and their children. Julie took every opportunity to speak out against domestic violence, especially to teens. When Julie saw my website, she got in touch with me, and was the first of the actresses that I was able to correspond with directly about these pages, and she was a tremendous help, not only with info for this page, but in helping to get me in touch with some of the other actresses, as well.

Sadly, Julie passed away on October 1st, 2003. She was quite a special lady!. Please pay a visit to her official website, for more information about Julie's legacy. The Julie Parrish Scholarship Fund was able to support a scholarship for a student from Julie's hometown, and A Window Between Worlds, an organization that was a big part of Julie's life, continues to help those affected by domestic violence. Also, Julie's niece Dana has a nice tribute to Aunt Julie! Do yourself a favor, visit these sites and Julie's official site, and get to know a great lady! Julie, we'll miss ya! Julie Parrish

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