Cynthia Pepper in Kissin' Cousins

Cynthia Pepper

Kissin' Cousins, 1964

Real Name: Cynthia Culpepper
Born: 1940

Cynthia's father was Jack Culpepper, a vaudeville performer, who was previously married to Ginger Rogers, before meeting Cynthia's mother, Dawn.

TV audiences got to know Cynthia Pepper, briefly, as Margie, a short-lived TV series (1961 - 62) about a teenager in the Roaring Twenties. Before that she had made guest appearances on a few shows, and was a regular in the first season of My Three Sons (1960).

Her first big movie role, however, was as Corporal Midge Riley in Kissin' Cousins. She's the one who captivates Jodie, the blonde "country" Elvis in the movie, by giving him a good judo throw (I'm not sure I understand the logic there...) and Elvis retaliates by singing "Tender Feeling" to her (that usually whoops 'em!). The melody is based on the folk song, "Shenandoah", and it's one of the few decent tunes in the film.

Cynthia has in recent years made occasional appearances at Elvis gatherings and autograph shows. She made a brief appearance in Miss Congeniality 2.

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