Raquel Welch

Roustabout, 1964

Real Name: Jo Raquel Tejada
Born: September 5, 1940 in Chicago, IL, USA.
Husbands: James Welch
Patrick Curtis
Andre Weinfeld
Richard Palmer
Official Site: raquelwelch.com

Raquel's film debut in Roustabout.
Thanks to Stan for the video-caps!
In the late Sixties, nobody personified "sex symbol" more than Raquel Welch. But her film career started rather innocuously with a bit part in Elvis' Roustabout. In the opening scene, Elvis is playing at "Mother's Tea House", and Raquel is one of the college girls, out with their boyfriends giving the waitress (Joan Staley) a hard time. Her first words on-screen: "Uh, how come they call this a tea house, dear?"

(She actually had a bit part in another film first, A House Is Not A Home, which was released a few months prior to Roustabout. Oh well.)

One misconception about Raquel's appearance in Roustabout grew out of a mistake in Jerry Hopkins' 1970 biography, Elvis. He stated in a footnote that there "was a scene that had two pretty girls taking an outdoor shower...", and that "one of the girls was Raquel Welch, making a Hollywood debut she never talks about." This was actually Mariana Hill (who ALSO probably never talks about it!!), but, typically, the mistake lives on, and still crops up now and again. The back-cover of a video for Roustabout carried on this mistake in the form of a trivia question. Patrick Curtis emailed me saying that both he AND Raquel have tried to correct this and the video company wouldn't change it(!) But fans of Raquel know better: Rest assured, the girl in the shower is NOT Raquel, it's Mariana! Raquel apparently has no qualms talking about her Elvis film debut. Read what she has to say about her appearance in Roustabout at this Elvis Australia article.

She also shows up in this publicity still, second from the right, in the blue.

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