Tuesday Weld

Wild In The Country, 1961

Born: August 27th, 1943 in New York, NY.
Real Name: Susan Ker Weld

Husband(s): Claude Hartz
Dudley Moore (1980 - 1985)
Pinchas Zukerman

"He walked into a room and everything stopped. Elvis was just so physically beautiful that even if he didn't have any talent...just his face, just his presence. And he was funny, charming, and complicated, but he didn't wear it on his sleeve. You didn't see that he was complicated. You saw great needs." --Tuesday Weld

Nobody can be summed up in a couple of paragraphs, but Tuesday Weld almost makes ya feel guilty for trying (!) Let's just say that one suspects that her last name is simply misspelled. While Ann-Margret projected a wild image in public, she was actually quite reserved and shy in private. Tuesday's image, on the other hand, suggested she was raised by wolves! And off-screen, she didn't seem much different! But then, Tuesday probably wouldn't want it any other way. If her image has kept her out of the "mainstream blockbuster" films and "forced" her to work in lesser roles, this may be playing right into her master plan.

Most baby-boomers got their first glimpse of Tuesday in the film Rock! Rock! Rock!, a typical 50's rock-n-roll movie with Alan Freed, Chuck Berry, Lavern Baker, and Fats Domino. Tuesday's vocals were overdubbed by Connie Francis (!) In Rally Round The Flag, Boys, Tuesday worked not only with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, but the guy who would be her next costar, Dwayne Hickman. It was as Thalia Menninger on the TV series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis that Tuesday began to gain attention. Thalia was the girl who made no secret that she wanted a boy with money, and constantly bugged Dobie, played by Dwayne, to "improve himself" in that area! After "Dobie", Tuesday appeared in Sex Kittens Go To College (now THERE'S a movie title!) with Mamie Van Doren and... Conway Twitty?? I haven't seen this one yet, but it sounds like another awful film that I absolutely must see!

As Noreen, Tuesday appeared with Elvis in Wild In The Country, the closest thing to a soap opera Elvis ever made. He has the choice of Millie Perkins, Hope Lange, or Tuesday! Again, Elvis in a quandary. Tuesday plays (what a shocker!) the wild young cousin with an illegitimate baby and a daddy who says things like, "That is one eventuality that will not eventuate!" Tuesday gets lines like, "Daddy, you can't peddle me like you do your no-good bellywash!" On the other hand, she gets to have Elvis sing "In My Way" to her. All Millie Perkins gets is "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell"...

Stop complainin'... I'm not done yet!!

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