Celeste Yarnall

Live A Little, Love A Little, 1968

Born: July 26th, 1944 in Long Beach, California, USA.
Official Site: celesteyarnall.com

Sad to report that Celeste lost her long battle with cancer!

Celeste lost her battle with ovarian cancer on October 9, 2018. You can still go to her GoFundMe page to read her story and make a donation to help with medical costs!

In 1964, the winner of the Miss Rheingold contest, with 20 million votes, was... (drumroll)... Celeste Yarnall! (Oh, you guessed that, huh?) Celeste, as their spokesperson, did TV and radio ads, as well as personal appearances, traveling all over the East Coast. This led to numerous TV guest shots, including Hogan's Heroes, Bonanza, Land of the Giants, Man From U.N.C.L.E., and in 1967, she was Yeoman Landon in the Star Trek episode, "The Apple". ("We are the feeders of Vaal..") She somehow manages to escape the advances of that consumate ladies-man, Ensign Chekov, only to be pursued by Elvis a year later in Live A Little, Love A Little.

Celeste plays Ellen, the girl at the party, with all the astrological reasons why she and Elvis just can't possibly be matched up. However, not one to be easily discouraged, Elvis woos her by showing her a box with blinking lights, and by singing "A Little Less Conversation". (Yeah, that ALWAYS works!...) Only Elvis could get away with singing...

"A little more bite, a little less bark,
A little less fight, and a little more spark,
Shutcher mouth an' open up yer heart,
Baby satisfy me..."

Don't hold back, Elvis, just get right to the point! Their brief romance is interrupted, however, by Michele Carey hooverin' up a storm in Elvis' apartment, effectively driving Celeste away! (Go here for a little more conversation about "A Little Less Conversation")
Celeste's next movie appearance was also a supporting role, in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, in which Hollywood takes a poke at spousal sports! After that, Celeste made top billing in a couple of horror flicks: Beast of Blood, in which a headless guy terrorizes Celeste and company. Then, the one that has earned Celeste a true cult following, The Velvet Vampire. Although the film itself is little more than a run-of-the-mill sexy-female-vampire movie (that seemed to be the rage in the early '70's!), Celeste seems to have quite effectively stolen the show!

Although Celeste had a few film roles in the '70's, notably Charles Bronson's The Mechanic and Scorpio with Burt Lancaster, Celeste began concentrating on other things. In 1979, she started her own commercial real estate business, specializing in assisting mainly entertainment companies to lease or buy office buildings. She has also managed several talented screenwriters, including the writer of On Deadly Ground, the Steven Seagal film.

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Today, Celeste has her Ph.D. in nutrition and has specialized in pet nutrition. She is also a championship breeder of Tonkinese cats. Spurred by her own experience with sick cats, she researched alternative approaches to pet care, resulting in her books, Natural Cat Care, and Natural Dog Care. She now has her own line of pet products available through her Celestial Pets website. She's also has her own official website, where you can order autographed photos!

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